9 Dale Brumfield: Richmond Independent Press

Dale Brumfield

Dale Brumfield

This episode of History Replays Today, The Richmond History Podcast features Dale Brumfield,¬†the author of Richmond Independent Press, The Underground Zine Scene and a founder of Throttle.¬†¬† This episode covers Richmond‚Äôs (dis) connection to Martin Luther King‚Äôs assignation, King‚Äôs version of his ‚ÄúI have a dream speech‚ÄĚ to protest VA‚Äôs failure to integrate its schools, how Allen Ginsberg accidentally started a riot in the fan, why James Brown and other black musicians were banned in Richmond, why the section of Franklin St through VCU is so well preserved, local lore like a poet who lived on the Kanawha Canal and why he through a cow in the canal, & much more.

Richmond Independent Press

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Baseball in Richmond/ John O’Connor


In this special baseball episode of History Replays Today, The Richmond History Podcast there are 3 guests, John O’ Connor, Betty Dementi, and Guy Kinman. ¬†Topics include The Diamond, The Richmond Braves, The Flying Squirrels, Babe Ruth, Chipper Jones, Tate Field, and much more.

John O’Connor, a staff writer for the Richmond-Times Dispatch, discusses the history of The Diamond. ¬†There is a long standing debate about what to do with The Diamond and this is a look back at its somewhat short history. ¬†John O’Connor also references Richmond’s rich baseball history before The Diamond.

Betty Dementi is the subject of the previous episode and the retired owner of Dementi Studios.  These baseball stories were not included in the earlier episode.  To see the picture referenced in the first Betty Dementi portion click.

Guy Kinman is a LGBT activist in Richmond.  There will be a future episode with more of the conversation with Kinman but I this is some unrelated baseball stories that he told.

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