50 Masons’ Hall-Phillip Barnard part 1


Phillip Barnard is the guest on this episode talking about the history of one of the most under rated historic buildings in RVA, Masons’ Hall. ¬†It is one of a handful of 18th century buildings in the area. ¬†During the early days of the city it was an early site for elections and courts, and a one of the sites to house debates on the constitution.

These topics and more are covered in this, part one. ¬†Part 2 mostly covers the building’s role during the War of 1812, the Civil War and beyond.

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Episode 5. Mark Greenough, Building of the VA State Capitol

State Capitol.  Lawrence Sully. Digital reproduction of wood engraving. Published in Virginia & North Carolina Almanack 1802.

Mark Greenough, Tour Supervisor and Historian at the Virginia State Capitol talks about the early days of the building.  Many folks know that Thomas Jefferson designed the Virginia State Capitol, but the story is far more complicated and dramatic then a founding father dabbling in architecture.

The conversation addresses why the capital of Virginia was moved from Williamsburg to Richmond, why Thomas Jefferson designed the building, why it is where it is, what RVA was like as a young capital and much more.

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Episode 3. Patrick Henry, Founding Father

Imacon Color Scanner

In this episode, Jeff Majer sits down with the first Governor of Virginia, lawyer and Founding Father Patrick Henry at¬†St John’s Church¬†in Richmond, Va, the site of Henry’s “Liberty or Death” speech. ¬†Patrick Henry is portrayed by Kevin Grantz, a re enactor from St John’s Church.

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