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The 3 ways to support History Replays Today.

1. DONATE: To help keep the podcast free give what you can. ¬†Give enough to update the recording equipment, cover gas money to get the podcast made, to cover the hosting costs or just to buy the host Jeff Majer a coffee to keep him up during the editing. ¬†If you think the podcast is valuable and you are in a position to make a donation, please do… every little bit counts.


2. SPONSOR: Become a sponsor of the podcast and hear your business or cause on the podcast.  Listeners will hear you name for at least a year.  Each episode will stay up for at lest a year and studies show that when a podcast listener finds one they like they go back to listen to older episodes.

Your logo and links to your site will also be placed on on the corresponding post.  For information on sponsorships contact History Replays Today at

3. TELL YOUR FRIENDS: The most affordable way to help the show is to tell everyone you know to listen. ¬†Telling friends doesn’t mean you can’t participate in 1 & 2, but telling some one is a great way to make 2 more attractive.

Thanks for your support,

Jeff Majer

2 thoughts on “Support HRT

  1. I just donated $20.00. Would love to give more, but I’m not swimming in dough currently. Love Richmond history, and the podcasts. You do a very good job.

    • Thank you very much. I really appreciate it. A little bit goes a long way. Glad you are enjoying the show.

      Thanks again,

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