Civil War Life in Richmond- Mike Gorman

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Bell Isle Stereograph LOCRichmond has often been called a Civil War town, but how much do we know about the average Richmonder during the tumultuous 4 years that were the Civil War?  This is the first of a series new periodic series called Civil War Life in Richmond.  The series will examine what it would be like for civilians to live in RVA.  This first episode features Historian and Park Guide from the National Park Service Mike Gorman.  Gorman was on episode 10 Lincoln in Richmond.

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Topics rang from how the newspapers covered daily life in RVA to the reaction to already having a city government, housing the Virginia state government and then mixing in a federal government that was housed in the same building as the state government.

Mike Gorman maintains a fantastic website with a great mount of information about Civil War Richmond.  It can be found at

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