18 Monumental Church/ Leslie J. Naranjo


Monumental Church, photo by Jeff Majer


Monumental Church

Monumental Church interior, LOC

On this episode, Leslie J. Naranjo, Director of Preservation Services for Historic Richmond talks about Monumental Church.  Monumental was completed 200 years ago this year and still stand at 1224 E Broad St. It was built as a memorial to the at least 72 people that died when The Richmond Theater burned on the site on December 26, 1811.  The remains of the 72 people are built into the base of the church.  The ground breaking, greek revival church was designed by Robert Mills.  Mills is the only architect to study under Thomas Jefferson.

Monumental Church Basement

Monumental Church Basement where the remains of 72 people are interred, LOC

Monumental is much more than just an old church.  Naranjo talks about the connection between the theater and Edgar Allan Poe, the church and John Marshall,  the site and the US Constitution, and how the fire made heros out of a slave named Gilbert Hunt and a doctor.


Monumental air

Monumental Church from the air, LOC



Monumental Church is maintained by Historic Richmond and is open to the public by
request and is available for weddings and other events.

All photo are from the Library of Congress except the top.  See more here.


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