17 Shockoe Hill Cemetery/ Jeffry Burden

The History Pug at Shockoe Hill Cemetery

Shockoe Hill Cemetery and the History Pug

John Marshalls Grave

The graves of John and Polly Marshall

Jeffry Burden, who is on the Board of Directors for the Friends of Shockoe Hill Cemetery¬†and is its president tell History Replays Today, The Richmond History Podcast about the first municipal cemetery not affiliated with a church in Richmond. ¬†The cemetery on the north side of RVA, is the final resting place of some amazing Richmonders including John Marshall (the subject of the last episode) and his wife, Elizabeth Van Lew the Union spy, Peter Francisco, the “Giant of the Revolution”, and many Richmonders associated with Edgar Allen Poe.

Elizabeth Van Lew Grave

Elizabeth Van Lew’s grave


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