23 Elizabeth Van Lew/Catherine Wright

van lew mansion

The Adams-Van Lew Mansion

ElizabethVanLewThis episode of History Replays Today, The Richmond HistoryPodcast features Catherine Wright in a conversation about the infamous spy in RVA during the Civil War, Elizabeth Van Lew. ¬†Wright is Curator in the Flag Collection at the Museum of the Confederacy which is now part of the American Civil War Museum. ¬†Van Lew lived in Church Hill is a large home where today’s Bellevue Elementary stands.


The episode also features aVanLew_inline song “Crazy Bet” by the Richmond based band Long Arms
about Elizabeth Van Lew.



Elizabeth Van Lew Grave

Van Lew’s grave at Shockoe Hill Cemetery, photo by Jeff Majer

Van Lew is buried in Richmond’s Shockoe Hill Cemetery.

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