39 Maggie Walker/ Ajena Cason Rogers


On this Episode of History Replays Today, Ajena Cason Rogers, The Supervisory Park Ranger at the Maggie L Walker National Historic Site discusses the life of Maggie Walkermlw-circa-1885_1.

Walker is best know as the first black woman to charter a bank in the US,* but she is much more than that.  Her mother was a former enslaved woman and her father was a Confederate yet she becomes a nationally know figure who rocked the boat of Jim Crow and pushed her community forward.

Visit the Maggie L Walker National Historic Site in Historic Jackson Ward at 600 N Second St.

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*From the Corrections Desk- this was updated from “as the first woman to charter a bank in the US and the first black woman to be president of a bank in the US” on 1/3/15

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