27 Baseball and Richmond/ Scott Mayer


On this episode Scott Mayer, co-author of the book Baseball and Richmond, A History of the Professional Game 1884-2000, tells History Baseball in RichmondReplays Today about how the city’s relationship with baseball has changed since the game spread in the 1860’s and how baseball and the city have grown together.

This episode does not cover all of the way to the present day, because the Baseball in Richmond/John O’Conner¬†episode from Oct 2013 covers the Richmond Braves and more on the Diamond.

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14 GWAR/ Bob Gorman



Some people may find some of the topics objectionable.

Bob Gorman, Courtesy of Bob Gorman

Bob Gorman

Bob Gorman is the Secretary and the Shop Foreman for the Richmond based, Slave Pit Inc., which is, better know as the metal band GWAR.  GWAR is much more than band.  Its a 28 year old multimedia art collective that is know for its stage show as much as its music. The group floats somewhere between musical theater, professional wrestling, and a live horror movie.  The narrative or mythos of the band is always changing but is basically, a group of aliens sent to earth as a punishment only to be trapped in the ice of Antarctica.  They would then be freed by global warming and discovered by a music producer.  They now travel the world playing music and fighting their enemies.

Bonecrusher, played by Bob Gorman

Bonesnapper, played by Bob Gorman

For more than 25 years Gorman has been making monsters, playing characters on stage, and acting as GWAR’s historian.  As well as continuing his work with GWAR, Gorman is currently working on a documentary and coffee table book about the group.  In this conversation with host Jeff Majer Gorman discusses the humble origins of GWAR in a run down building, their run-ins with the law, one of which ended up getting the ACLU involved, the groups two Grammy nominations, why they were turned away from the Grammies, the unexpected death of their long time guitar player Cory Smoot that resulted from a preexisting condition and a lot more.


Bob Gorman working at the Slave Pit

Bob Gorman working at the Slave Pit

GWAR has just released their 13th studio album Battle Maximus, and will be going on tour in Australia in February and then will be making their first trip to Japan in early 2014.  To find out more information about GWAR where to buy their new album Battle Maximus, where to see the show or how to donate to the Cory Smoot foundation go to GWAR.NET.

All photos are courtesy of Bob Gorman.



In this episode Free University is discussed, for more information on Free University listen to the episode with Dale Brumfield and Richmond’s Independent Press.

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Gorman from the film “Phallus in Wonderland”

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