44 Ed Peeples/ Scalawag (1/2)


This episode is part 1 with¬†Ed Peeples, who is an emeritus Professor of VCU, a human¬†rights activist who grew up in RVA in the 1930’s and 1940’s and the author of Scalawag: A White Southern’s Journey through Segregation to Human Rights Activist.

This frank discussion on race focusing on Peeples¬†life includes growing up on Richmond’s south side, playing basketball for VCU, witnessing the sit-in by the Richmond 34, the desegregation of many of Richmond’s eateries, and much more.

Completely unrelated to the rest of the conversation, he briefly talks about Lady Wonder the Talking Horse.  If anyone knows anything else more about Lady Wonder, or ever visited Lady Wonder please get in touch with me.

Find out more about Ed Peeples here.

*Within a historical context this episode does include the “N” word.*

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